Tell 'Em All

by Yanna Avlianos

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released March 24, 2017

Robert Maltby (Artwork)



all rights reserved


Yanna Avlianos London, UK

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Track Name: M.O.G
I have to
Forgive the fuckers
According to you,
Mr. Firestarter

Oh, Mother of God
I don't wanna be saved
Track Name: Blaze
Owed two thousand years
Accepting everything
'For the better' I can't breathe
Because you're suffocating me

In dreams she comes to me
With her eyes as blue as the sea
Suffocating me

And I sleep or weep
She told me
I can hear your mistakes and I am ashamed
Left a mark on your brain
Can't see you, it's the same
Old and new, fake the game
I'm ashamed
I'm ashamed
Track Name: Into Violence
I was born into violence
I'll tell my story backwards
It feels like all I'm ever known for
Is the mess that I've created

Do you ever wonder
If this will last forever?
Are you ready?
To let it go
Are you ready?
Then let it go

This is what I've created
My behaviour screams out save me
When you think about it
You think 'too much'
And when you talk about it
You need to 'get tough'
There's an open silence and I can't bear
To hear my own sickness

I was born into violence
Track Name: Within Me
And so I think this could be the end
Of everything I've ever known
Hand on strings, my mouth open
Is this a gift or a curse?

There's a fear deep within me
That soon there'll be nothing left
All the art that surrounds me
Leaves a mark hidden in the stars

Before I lay my head to rest
The flashbacks stop and stare
'Cos I'm not going anywhere
Until my anxiety blames me again
Track Name: Is There A Future For Me?
This is the blame game
This is self-sabotage day
Time to be livid at every glance I get of myself
I'm ashamed

When the going gets tough
You've gotta call your own bluff
There's a time and a place to dig your own grave
So it's now or it's late
I can't restore my faith
There's a Goddess in my head but I can't hear what she says
Is there a future for me?
Or should I quit while I'm ahead?
All I hear is your name
And all I know is my rage

So shut your mouth they said
Girls like you don't get far around here
Looking for the answers
Trying to fix it all
I'll be your saviour
I'm ashamed

When you're throwing your chairs
And you're calling her name
I'll never be hated like her
Spent my life trying to please ya
Oh, I'm number one
But your game never ends
I should have been a son

Is there a future for me?
Track Name: Protect U
I see now
If my life has a purpose
It's to protect you from your own vanity
I see now
If my life has a purpose
It's to release you from your old remedies

When you're looking for a companion
When you've found some peace of mind and remembered the dream
I see now
That my life had a purpose
It was to protect you from the hate that breeds

Protect you (from the hate that breeds)
Track Name: Sad Eyes
Sat in this room again
Dirty, old walls
His face, just like the others
Doing what he's told and I keep thinking
What am I doing here
I know this routine
I've done it too many times
Here is my name and here is how I'm classified
A victim
A child
I know my story off by heart
It isn't hard to tell
Like it isn't me at all
Like this isn't me at all
He stares into my mind and replies

But you've still got sad eyes
Despite your confident lies and your broken rhymes
You've still got sad eyes
Why, oh why?
Track Name: There's A Heaven
There's a heaven
In the water
I've seen it, drawing closer

In the water

Sometimes I drink away the pain
That growing little ache

Tell Athena
There's a war
That I'm fighting, fighting for

There's a Heaven

(In the water)
Track Name: Tell 'Em All
She will rise
Like she will die
Last song

Tell 'em all
I'm through
Tell 'em all
What I had to do
Refuse your abuse

All this time in disguise
You use and abuse
You 'don't know why'
I feel so fucked
I've had enough
Go on now
Tell 'em all
I'm through

Tell 'em all